Support for people in the pnw

I offer nonjudgmental, thoughtful, and knowledgable support for pregnant people in the Pacific Northwest.  I am happy to offer a sliding-scale rate to my birth clients, with priority to LGBTQ+, and Pregnant People & Families of Color. My pregnancy-loss and and abortion support is always free always free through Full Spectrum Doulas.   

What is a Birth Doula?  Birth Doulas have a long history of providing physical, emotional, and informational support to pregnant people. Doulas do not provide medical care, and are there to offer pregnant people and their families knowledgable support throughout pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum period.

What do you mean by "Full Spectrum" Care? Full Spectrum Doulas support people with any experience of pregnancy. This includes abortion, still birth, miscarriage, adoption and surrogacy. This care is founded in the belief that everyone deserves the support and resources they need in their reproductive health and pregnancy experiences.